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Hey fellow foodies!

It’s been a while, but to say the holiday season and beginning of the New Year have been hectic is an understatement. But I’m back and looking forward to all 2019 has to offer! With Monday tomorrow, I thought I’d do a post on adding fun to working remotely. One of the best things about working in consulting is the freedom of remote work and getting to explore Atlanta instead of being chained to the same desk everyday. I’ve worked from more tea and coffee shops than I can list, but for the purpose of this post I will narrow it down to the places I frequent. More often than not I work from a Starbucks, typically the one walking distance from my apartment. I could create a whole separate post of my favorite Starbucks locations throughout the city. Needless to say I’m shamelessly Gold Level in their rewards program, although if you want to see true Starbucks addiction, you should see my mom’s account.

Anyways, sometimes a change of atmosphere and coffee blends is needed. Over the last year and a half, I’ve developed a solid list of non-monopoly favorites, organized by neighborhood and parking options. For this post I’ll be focusing on cafés where the options are limited to coffee, tea and pastries. I will make a post with the list of my favorite places to work through lunch sometime later, and update both of these as time goes on and I make more discoveries.

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party:

Dr. Bombay’s is a cute little nugget that is known to few who aren’t locals. Nestled on a quiet street in Candler Park, this gem has a refreshingly old-fashioned aesthetic, with antique furniture, fun colors and seasoned books stacking the many shelves that line the walls. Music is very soft so it doesn’t take much to go into your own world with headphones on low volume, unlike most work spaces that will have louder modern music coming from their speakers. There is also ample free street parking on any of the neighboring streets.

Following the clever name of the establishment, there is a wide variety of tea and coffee with fun flavor combinations and the choice to get a full pot. Their china set and tea trays are gorgeous and definitely Instagram worthy. Aside from the photos, the full pot is definitely worth it, as a pot will yield at least 2-3 cups for only $4.50. I’m also a firm believer that the pouring of tea is just as soothing as the tea itself, so bonus points! They also have an assortment of international treats from coffee cake to samosas, both of which I’ve had and were delicious. I have yet to try their coffee but have heard all good things from coworkers and friends that I’ve worked with here. I believe their full pot option also extends to their coffee list.

Additionally, Dr. Bombay’s is much more than just a place to get your caffeine fix or be productive. They also have flyers promoting their international women’s education program, The Learning Tea, which you can get more information about form the woman behind the bar. Furthermore, I believe you can rent or buy the books they have on display.

Octane: Atlanta Tech Village:

Octane is another very modern aesthetic with space for small group work, which fits perfectly with its location inside the Atlanta Tech Village. They have a typical selection of coffee and tea, snacks like humus and veggie cups, and branded pots and mugs available for purchase. Their espresso drinks are a little on the pricey side ($3.25 for a macchiato, $4.25 for a latte, pre-syrup) but everything is brewed to order, including the foam art. The parking option is the Atlanta Tech Village garage which is connected to the building, while the coffee shop is on Level 2. The only downsides are that their weekday hours are limited to the typical work day (7-5), as I believe the rest of the office building follows, and parking is only validated on the weekends. However, it’s not expensive like most public parking garages in the city. On weekends, they’re open 9am – 3pm so if you’re looking for someplace to work extended hours, one of their other locations would be best.

Seating at Octane is also good for groups with extended bench tables and booth-style seating on the wall. It is a small space overall but the atmosphere is bright and welcoming. Outdoor seating is also available during the warm months.

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar:

Dancing Goats is a chain of coffee shops with a couple locations throughout Atlanta, the newest of which is in Buckhead. This has become my favorite, just due to proximity to home, but I know that the other locations also have favorable reviews. This most recent addition is a part of Buckhead Station, a small shopping area with a few goodies like Kale Me Crazy and Sephora. They offer outdoor seating and there’s a small parking lot in front of the establishment, as well as behind, neighboring the Hole in the Wall and Trader Joe’s lots. Dancing Goats seating options are comfortable for extended work, with plenty of outlets and a large table in the middle of the seating area for small groups. The windows are floor-to-ceiling and let in plenty of bright natural lighting.

Their coffee is high quality with plenty of flavor options and they also have beans and merch available for sale. Their prices are pretty average; a 12 oz. latte with added syrup is $4.70 pre-tax. Pastries include quiches and scones that you can warm up yourself at a food station by the order pick-up area with a microwave and utensils. My favorite part, however, is the latte art. Very professional looking, and of course photo-worthy. I’ve now worked from this location twice and have enjoyed myself and their coffee both times! Definitely plan on going back regularly.

East Pole Coffee Co.:

East Pole is the newest addition to my list, per the recommendation of a coworker. Parallel to the Marta tracks and I-85, this café has some of the strongest coffee I’ve ever had; a notion that one of my coworkers validated by becoming so restless he had to walk off some of his energy before getting back to work. They have good edible options like savory danishes (the pizza one is great) and a Top 40 playlist on rotation. Parking is no trouble as there’s a private lot next to the building but be careful of the entrance as it can be easy to miss. I know the car behind me hated me and my 10 mph pace as I slowly approached the address indicated on my directions the first time I went here. Luckily there is a sign indicating parking for the establishment if you don’t speed past it.

Another interesting tidbit about this place is there is more seating outside the actual coffee shop but still inside the building its housed in. A wooden staircase, equipped with charging outlets and cushions for your tush, is visible from the window by the ordering station, and great for group meetings or just a quieter space to take a quick call. And if you’re looking for a calm happy hour after logging off, SweetWater Brewing Company is a 60 second drive down the road.

So there you go! A few of my favorite remote working options in Atlanta with plenty of caffeination to get you through the day. Let me know if you’ve ever been to any of these places or if you end up trying one after reading this post. I would love to hear about your experiences and what your beverage of choice is, you might put me on to something great! And if there are any suggestions, feel free to comment them below. Until next time…



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